• OMC or Outboard Marine Corporation

    An Introduction to OMC Of all the boatmanufacturers that have existed till date, if there is one company that stoodout among all others, it was OMC. OMC or Outboard Marine Corporation used to be a premier manufacturer of boat parts in the marketplace.Hailed as afortune-500 corporation, it was a multibillion dollar company based in the United States. It was the maker of the Evinrude, Johnson and Gale Outboard .

    Motors boat motors, along with numerous different brands of boats. Outboard Marine Corporation was based in Waukegan, Illinois, where it had its headquarters. To get a roughidea about the company, it is better to understand its history and developmentover the years.OMC or OutboardMarine Corporation, sometimes called Outboard Motor Company was formed in 1929 .

    When ELTO merged with Lockwood Ash Company. The name of OMC was used starting in 1956 as a brand name to manufacture the products. It was thelargest manufacturer and supplier of outboard motors and second largest when it came to powerboats.Some of itsmost famous brand names that it produced are Four Winns, Seaswirl, Trade Winds, Stratos, Hydra-sports and Sunswirl.

    The brand Hydra-sports includes cruisers, performance boats, runabouts and crafts meant for use in offshore fishing.In addition tothis, the company also manufactured clothing and accessories for boating and resort purposes. The growth ofthe company was quite robust over the years thanks to steady demand. The quality products that it was producing became quite popular with the consumers,

    which allowed it to dominate the marketplace for decades. It would take awhile before another competitor emerged, resulting in a declining market share. The company that was responsible for it was Brunswick Corporation, which is today the world’s largest manufacturer of powerboats.Over the years,the company continued to expand across the markets in the field of boating and its related sectors. However, the overall level of growth never reached the earlier heights of pinnacle that had been achieved.

    Regardless, the company continues to play a major role in supplying the market with a steady line of quality and affordable products.There are todaynumerous sites where the products are available. In addition to www.boatparts.ca , it’s notdifficult to find quality suppliers and wholesalers of the product, since the company’s reputation has resulted in plenty of people happily stocking up on their products. As a whole, ofall the companies that have come about over the years that dealt with boats and accessories, OMC happens to be one of the most important ones.

    While thecompany may not exist the way it did in the past, the name and the reputation that it used to carry continues to live on in the products that bear the name.The company infact, is quite popular among the people who are veterans when it comes to boating and fishing.If one is inthe marketplace, searching for a suitable company to buy spare parts and boating accessories from, Outboard Marine Corporation would certainly be a suitable company to go for.

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