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    Haribo brand was the first to ever manufacture the today famous chewables. The concept for this excellent chocolate treat was created in 1922 by the German chocolate producer, Hans Riegel. He styled them following the dance bears that were so common in Europe in the earlier century.The Haribo unique (Gold-Bears) gummies can be found in an extraordinary spectrum of fresh fruit tastes, from red to raspberry to lemon. The green Haribo ones are strawberry-flavored, and the clear ones taste like pineapple.


    That model is noted for producing желейный медведь валера , pliant bears. If you want a delicious alternative to good fresh fruit tastes, Haribo also makes cola-flavored sweets formed like cola bottles.The Trolli model is another prime retailer in gummy sweets, and like Haribo Gold-Bears, their own holds are delightfully soft - also way more compared to the Haribo option. Numerous kids choose these because they are so delicate and easy to consume.The Trolli bears come in five fruit tastes, including apple. The most strong quality in that group is cherry. If you're trying to find an option to the common good fresh fruit flavors, Trolli also makes bitter worms.


    The gummy bears made by Albanese company come in a wide range of attractive flavors. A number of the unique styles that make these sweets stand apart are watermelon, white grapefruit, apple, and orange raspberry.These produce a vibrant improvement to any celebration refreshments display. These are delicate and chewy, but they cannot adhere to one's teeth like gummy holds made by some of the different top-selling brands.



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