Whether you are audio fanatic and music lover who has obsessed with crystal clear sound and audio technology or just a person who want to connect its phone with the car and play few tunes while driving, it is certain that you going to need some AUX cables. The auxiliary inputs or AUX is your common audio connection type which can be found in a various car, home or professional applications.


    However, despite being common the AUX cables isn’t something you should take for granted and choose by price or length. No, there is much more to AUX cables than that and we are going to help you chose the best AUX cable by Best Aux Cable By 5Productsreviews.com these simple buying tips.



    If you looking for a good AUX cable and perfect balance of quality and affordable price, the Sentey Black LS-6621 Audio Stereo Cable could be the product for you. It is a 6 foot long braided AUX cable compatible with practically all smartphones, tablets and media devices.


    However, it will not fit SenteyThorX headphones and possibly some other types of headphones on the market so beware if you are buying this cable for that purpose.


    The highlight of this product is quality materials with a gold plated beveled connector for better connectivity and rust protection and strong materials with dual layer braided foil shielding. With this specification, you can be sure that this cable won’t break or stop working anytime soon and with 6 feet long (1.8 meters) it is long enough for most applications.


    The manufacturer is confident in their product so they offer 12 months warranty and 100% money-back guarantee which is good to know. With an affordable price and good user reviews, the Sentey Black LS-6621 Audio Stereo Cable is something you should consider if you need a good and cheap AUX cable for your home or car.


    Key Features To The Best Aux Cable:

    Choose the Correct Cable Format:

    While shopping for an AUX cable, you need to start by knowing your needs. Have a clue about what AUX cable will best suit you depending on the use. Most available options are stereo, analog surround sound or digital surround sound. The simplest type is the stereo sound and consists of two audio channels. Depending on the kind of system you will be using as the music output, ensure it will fit well with the AUX cable you purchase.


    Understand the cable Terminology:

    You stand to benefit more if you take an interest in understanding the basic or general cable terminology. As mentioned earlier AUX cables are of two types and it is important to know which one is compatible with your equipment for best performance.


    Decide on a type of Interconnect:

    Interconnect cables transmit signals from an audio source to a receiver. If a good quality interconnects cable is not picked on, you might end up being unhappy with the quality of sound you get. Picking on an AUX cable that is digital since they transmit more signals than the audio cables. In general, it is best to pick one that is made of the good quality material. Best if you select one that has an oxygen-free copper center surrounded by braided copper and foil shielding. The foil helps to remove the buzzing sound.


    Understand Speaker Wire:

    Know the gauge of the wire depending on the distance between the speaker and the device. If you are not sure of the size of the speakers, it is best to purchase an AUX cable which has a lower gauge wire.


    Buying an AUX cable can be confusing especially if you are not familiar with what is in the market and what will suit best. Too narrow to a handful below are some of the ten best AUX cables you can consider purchasing.


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